Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the absolute best place for The Smart Owl Kids to grow and have fun under one roof with all of the flexibility and conveniences busy parents need to thrive, personally and professionally. The Smart Owl  is a warm and loving place where every child is welcome, every child belongs, and where, together, we all feel at home.


Our mission is to provide a great place for Smart Owl Kids to grow and have fun with the flexibility and conveniences busy parents need to thrive!

Our Core Values

Our mission drives our six core values. Together, they capture our commitment to nurturing both head and heart in balance.


Supporting meaningful intellectual engagement, rigorous thought, and the life of the mind


Embracing difference, access, and inclusion to build understanding and empathy


Creating a community of positive energy, active participation, and lively engagement


Fostering curiosity, exploration, discovery, and the value of generative work and art


Cultivating decency, honesty, goodness, and personal responsibility


Caring for oneself, for one another, for the space we share, and for the work we do

Our Goals

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Mission Accomplished

Diversity Mission

At The Smart Owl, diversity is a positive aspect of our lives and an essential aspect of education. We recognize and respect the fact that diversity exists in the languages we speak, the colors of our skin, our genders, ages, and sexual orientations, the traditions we observe, the configurations of our families, the financial and educational resources in our families, and the unique needs we may have. We believe that our separate heritages, beliefs, and choices of expression help to define us as individuals and that our commitment to learning about one another and the larger world unites us as a community. Differences of all kinds are acknowledged and explored with respect.

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The Smart Owl believes that healthy identity development is essential to our student's academic, social, and emotional growth. As educators, we must create an environment where all students feel safe, challenged, celebrated, and integral to The Smart Owl School. Our responsibility is to engage all members of our school community in understanding multiple perspectives and participating in anti-bias work. Ultimately, our goal is to prepare students to become contributing members of a multicultural and interconnected societ

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