Flexible Childcare

Real Child Care for Real-World Families - Like Yours

As a parent, Ashley noticed something strange. While there was no shortage of childcare options for her daughter, Ava, none of them fit with her lifestyle.

Awkward schedules. Inconvenient hours. And ugly penalties for late pickups (heavy traffic? – tough luck). Frankly, most child care centers are designed for their convenience, not yours. And not hers, either. She asked herself, why does it have to be this way?
She decided to do something about it. That something is The Smart Owl, which we call The Smart Owl School.
The Smart Owl School offers flexible childcare designed with real families in mind.

~Need childcare for a couple of hours while you run errands? No problem.
~Have a part-time job with shifting schedules?
~Work nights? No sweat.
~Need a little escape on an evening and or a weekend afternoon? You got it!

We’re here for you when you need us. And we’re not a burdensome expense when you don’t. Yes, really 🙂


“As a parent, when I dropped my son off at daycare, I felt sad and guilty, knowing no one would take care of him as I would. After hearing about a 24 hr school/daycare, I decided to give it a try. Ashley is the sweetest, most caring person. She sent me pictures while my son was there to put my mind at ease. She makes sure he’s fed, bathed, and kept on the same schedule I keep him on at home. She is that caretaker that will go above and beyond to make sure your kid is well.”

-Da'Shirelle Washington, Parent & Mother of One-Year-Old

While we’re flexible with hours, we’re unyielding when it comes to quality. Our caregivers are just that – faithful givers of care. By training, many have four-year degrees in childhood education or an equivalent. By temperament – which is just as important – they’re all ready to give a warm welcome, an encouraging smile, an eager invitation to learn and play for every The Smart Owl Kid.

Our facilities are meant to be a home-away-from-home squared, with ample opportunities for interactive learning…outdoor play…creative indoor activities…and relaxing down-time that even the most rambunctious kids need.


We are open to The Smart Owl Parents during the right hours – your hours.

Flex Care is the perfect solution for those who require flexibility to live their best life. It is also an excellent option for parents who:

~Work nights or unconventional hours
~Need After School Care
~Need care over school breaks
~Work part-time
~Have an irregular schedule
~Stay at home but need an occasional “day off”

Flex Care can also be used during our summer program – if you are only looking for occasional summer care, it is a great way to keep your kids active, safe, learning, and having fun. Be mindful of the need to make an appointment.


You’re very particular about who you trust with your most precious gifts, your children. We’re very picky as well. For starters, every caregiver must have a four-year degree in early childhood education or the equivalent. Then we screen for attitude, attitude, and attitude. Because every The Smart Owl child deserves heartfelt warmth, encouragement, and care.


When you drop off your kids, you drop them into a fascinating world of fun, learning, play, movement, and more. We have it all: outdoor play, indoor toys, story time, learning centers, free-choice time. Quiet time is essential, too. If you’re picking up your children in the evening, rest assured your children have transitioned to rest as well


The basics are downright simple. You register to become a The Smart Owl Parent and complete the enrollment packet. Then you pick the hours you want, when you want them (with a one-hour minimum), and make your reservation 24 hours in advance. You pay by the hour, daily, weekly,or monthly. (Pssst: We offer a neat discount when you are a part of a full-time program). We use PayPal to ensure convenience and safety.