Peyronie’s Disease

The Patient has been diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease for about 10-years. Conventional treatment has no helped the patient regain his penile shaft girth nor his penile symmetry. As can be seen in the images, the patient suffers from severe malformation with extreme asymmetric girth reduction and penile curvature.

Comments: In this particular case, the patient suffers from Peyronie’s disease. The objective of the penile girth treatments is to provide symmetry, balance, and help with the penile curvature correction. After two penile shaft treatments the patient had significant girth gains and demonstrated near normal and complete reversal of the severe deformities. The patient was more than satisfied.

Before Procedure Measurements:

  • Flaccid (non-erect) measurements
    • Flaccid girth: 3.5 to 4.25 very asymmetric shape due to disease
    • Flaccid length: 3.5 estimated
  • Erect measurements
    • Erect girth: estimated 3 to 4.5 very asymmetric shape due to disease
    • Erect length: estimated 6
Loria Medical Copyright
Loria Medical Copyright

After Procedure Measurements

    • Post-Procedure: 1
      • Flaccid measurements
        • Flaccid girth: 4 ½ to 4 ¾
        • Flaccid length: estimated 3 ½
      • Erect measurements
        • Erect girth: 4 ¾
        • Erect length: estimated 6
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